Days 2 & 3 of Move-In week.

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Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the morning on the phone with Comcast trying to figure out what was going to happen and when, with virtually no success.  The agent on the phone kept saying (in every way possible) … Continue reading

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Day 1 – Move-in week.

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I truly hope I will be in, completely, by Sunday.  Maybe not organized, but in. Steve, the factory representative who did the walk through with me today, was very nice and helpful.  I now have water (hot and cold), gas … Continue reading

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You knew this was coming ….

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Things were going too well to last, right? My Comcast “window” was 8-12 today.  I was at the house at 0800 (freezing cold, I might add).  At 0930 I called them to see if there was an ETA, yep…noon.   … Continue reading

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More good stuff around the house!

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Look, Ma, what followed me home today!  Hello stuff.  I opened the door to make sure it was mine, and I saw my lovely Tempur-pedic mattress just inside the door.  Not much longer now, and I can sleep in my … Continue reading

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The shed is in!

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Loooooking goooood! The guys showed up on time, the park management was there to explain the issue with the driveway, and how they, the park, would facilitate moving it on to the pad. Tomorrow; the POD arrives between 8-11 am, … Continue reading

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Floors, done. Driveway, in.

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Driveway It’s in, finally.  It was supposed to be in last Wednesday, but the concrete company happens to be owned by the son of the park owner, so they no-showed last Wed, and were supposed to be here yesterday, but … Continue reading

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Not a good day

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When I half-jokingly, in my first post said I would be “building my first modular home (not really, but …)”, I should have left the “not really” part out.  Now I know what a general contractor does. Carpet: Carpet installers … Continue reading

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