Glorious morning!

IMG_0804I suppose if you build a home from scratch on your site, rather than a manufactured home, the contractor is on call to come and fix the little things.  Well, this morning, one of the great guys from Skyline Homes care unit (Skycare) was scheduled to arrive at 7 am to fix some of the little things that were annoying me.  He was coming early because I was supposed to take Bob to the doc, but yesterday afternoon, my car decided to make a funny noise, and it needed a part that wouldn’t arrive until today.    So, up I get at 6:30, shower, and then open the drapes to see this.  Man, it was breathtaking!  It was so windy and stormy last night, but nary a leak in a window, and the house stayed up … as did my nemesis, the tree.  All is right with the world


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2 Responses to Glorious morning!

  1. Julie says:

    Ooooh. Double rainbow! Beautiful.

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