Getting organized

Well, once you move in, you have to find nice little hidden places for all your stuff, that already had nice little hidden places where you came from, but there is nothing like that in the new place.

The Shed

I love this shed.  Remember, it looked like this? IMG_0745 Well, Sammy came and helped me yesterday, and now it looks like this.  It may not look different, but it is so organized, and saved so much space.  I bought these great “no hardware needed to assemble” shelving units at Home Depot.IMG_0798 Really lightweight, easy to assemble, and I bought four of them.  Well, as it turns out, they were too tall for the inside of the shed, as there were 5 levels of shelving..  So, I took the top level off, and made 5 shelving units out of four.  Ok, so the last one doesn’t have the feet that came with the package, but heck, it works out great.  Once I get the garden set up, there will be so much less stuff in there, and I can actually use it for a work space for dying and wool prep.

Master Bedroom closet

MBClosetI bit the bullet, and went to the Container Store for their Elfa closet inserts.  IMG_0795The woman who helped me at the Corte Madera store was wonderful, and designed the insert right there.  They were having a 30%  off both materials and installation, and from  the drawing on the left (full closet drawing schematic) I got these (right and left sides of the “reach in” closet). IMG_0794 I’m glad I did it.  Was it more than I wanted to spend?  Sure, at this stage everything is, but it’ll really help me move on.

I was looking at maybe doing something similar in my craft room.  The closet there is so small, 5′ long, that if I use the storage in the shed for my fiber, I’ll have room to use the closet for a sewing station.  CraftClosetWhile at The Container Store, the sales associate designed a space.  However, even the DIY versions is more than I can spend. I’ll try and see if I can buy another closet system somewhere else and get the same effect.

The kitchen

There are three things that are making me crazy about the lack of space in the kitchen.  First the trash/recycling.  In my old, REALLY huge kitchen for a rental, I had plenty of room for some nice looking recycle bins.  But no matter where I put them in the current kitchen they look terrible.  So I’ve been using the top of the dryer as a staging area to take stuff outside.  Not optimal, but it’ll have to do.

At the old place, I had a big old garbage can that I could have in the kitchen.  Nobody could see it, and it was fine.  Not so here. I’m going to have to get one of those under counter trash bins and it’s going to have to be really small, as the space is really small.

Last–spices of all things.  There is a perfect place for a spice rack right next to the stove, but for the life of me I can’t find anything to fit.  Maybe I’ll just have to build one.

The Guest Bath

IMG_0799Hallelujah!!  I have one room completely finished, and done.  Thanks to my dear friend Linda who came up today with her tool kit (gotta love a girl with a drill) and expertise, and helped me install the shower curtain rod in the guest bath, and two bathrobe hooks; one each in guest and master bath.


As mentioned before, I like books, and my lovely daughter believes I have far too many.  Well, again, thanks to Linda, I have far fewer craft books.  We started out with 10 cartons of books, and there are now five cartons I’m keeping and three cartons of dying, spinning, weaving, crochet, knitting and soapmaking books that will find their way to the Sonoma County Library (unless some of my fellow crafters who are just getting hooked on spinning, want to review some of the things I’m donating).   So that takes care of the craft books … now, onto gardening and cooking!

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