Day … I lost count

It’s been a while.

Kitchen, before Sarah

Kitchen, before Sarah

I’ve been busy adding to the cardboard and paper recycling program.

I know I was whining commenting earlier on in the process that I hated packing.

One day's worth of unpacking, good thing it was recycle Friday.

One day’s worth of unpacking, good thing it was recycle Friday.

Well, un ain’t much fun either.  When you’re boxing stuff up, you’re trying to keep it safe, and deciding whether or not to keep it, but when you’re

One day's worth of broken down boxes

One day’s worth of broken down boxes

unpacking, you’ve taken stuff that had a nice, cozy place to live, and trying to find a like place to put it, where there isn’t any.

My wonderful daughter  Sarah came up President’s   and got the kitchen all organized.  She’s got a great eye for that, and I really appreciated her help, and I took her to dinner at my new favorite restaurant up here, The Girl and the Fig.

I’ve been living with it for a week now, and making a few tweaks here and there as to how best to have things out.  I don’t want to clutter up that gorgeous granite, but I don’t have a lot of storage either.   Pictures when I finally settle on how it’ll look

Aside from missing my lovely mattress (and I’ve been sleeping really well, not sure if it’s being exhausted at the end of the day, or my comfort level of being in my own place, both help), but I’ve REALLY missed 24/7 connectedness to the interwebs.  I can tell you, however, where you can score free wireless pretty much anywhere in San Rafael and Sonoma.


For a company that is in the communication business, there seems to be a lot of  right-hand-not-telling-left-hand-what’s-going-on.  When last we left this saga, we were waiting for the USA underground folks to show and figure out where the cable went.  That went off without a hitch.  But then, apparently, Comcast subs out their digging/trenching, and those guys were supposed to show Fri 2/15, but never happened and nobody called; I had to call them on Saturday to ask when it was going to happen, and all I would get was “the job will be completed within 7-10 business days”.

On Sunday, 2/17, there was a knock on my door, and a Comcast installer named David says he’s there to install my system.  I tell him that would be great, but no cable.  Nobody bothered to tell him, either.  However, he looked at what I wanted to do, made some good suggestions as to how to manage what I wanted and recommended someone who might help me set up the TV on the wall.

A couple of his recommendations were great.  Logitech has two devices; Harmony 550 universal remote (hallejulia…only ONE remote) and Harmony IR (infra-red) Extender system.  I had been wondering, if I put all that stuff in my media cabinet, how would the remotes get through all that drywall and wood.  Well, the IR Extender is what does the trick.

I decided to spend the extra money, because, in the long run, it would look a lot better, and boy, am I glad I did.  Sure, I could have done it, but it would have taken me a couple of days, and probably would have looked crappy.  The tech I hired came on Thursday, and set it up.  Oh, and as he was walking in the door, he says, I see you have cable now?  Huh? I was in the house all day Wednesday, unpacking my little heart out, and they came and dug, and didn’t even bother to knock on my door, say hello, or make any kind of contact at all.  (Guess the extra $$ I spent on upgrading the insulation really helped.)And Comcast never bothered to call me, even though the two Comcast employees (David the installer, and Matt from an Oregon, Customer Service center) had made copious notes  in my order file to “contact customer when work is scheduled”.

My neighbors, on the other hand, according to the park manager, called him the minute they started digging to advise that the evil woman in the new house was having people dig.  He did advise them he knew all about it.  More about living in “Peyton Park” for a later post.

IMG_0768David came back on Sunday, 2/24, to finish the Comcast install, and between David and the independent tech I hired, this is what my “media closet” looks like, and this is what the fireplace/TV wall looks like.  Just exactly what I was hoping for.  So, as of yesterday I have TV (yeah, got to see the Oscars) and INTERNET!!


The Couch

IMG_0773It arrived, and yep, it’s too big, and while I should have gotten a love seat instead, it’s not bad.  Also my previous carpet will actually work well, because money I was setting aside for the other, flashier carpet, has been spent on other things (like the above mentioned media set up).

Living room, Dining room, media, and kitchen are almost all done.  Tackling the office today and tomorrow.  Friday, Elfa closets from the Container Store coming in to do the master bedroom closet.  More on that later.

But for now …

One of my favorite quotes from “The Color Purple” is “‘I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”  Well if you drive anywhere in the wine country in the winter and spring, you’d probably feel that way about the color yellow with the riot of mustard plants growing in the vineyards and empty fields.


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2 Responses to Day … I lost count

  1. Linda says:

    Judy, Everything looks lovely! Congratulations. I have a “hall pass” tomorrow, and could follow you home after SBs to help unpack/sort through/move things, if that would help. This is in addition to (not instead of) Tuesday.

    • Braizyn says:

      Yes! I really need help with my closet and measuring the yard. I’ve got Sammy coming tomorrow to help move boxes, and get shed organized. That would be Sooooooooooooo lovely. Thanks.

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