Days 4 & 5 – Move In week

I’m in!  Sleeping in my own bed tonight (actually feel like jumping in right now … I’m beat).

Yesterday I borrowed Sarah’s truck and got some easy-to-put-together shelving for the shed, and tried organizing some of he boxes.  About two in the afternoon, the neighbor who was annoyed because I was moving in before my landscaping was done, came over, bearing gifts and an apology.   It was very sweet of her.  I can imagine the frustration; and I’m hearing that from several park residents who went through “new build” hell.  My neighbor jokingly suggested that we write a book along the lines of “I’ve retired, and I’m going to move into a rent-controlled mobile home park for Seniors in California.  What do I need to know”.  Not a half bad idea.  but, I think I’ll unpack first.

Back to Marin, cleaned did laundry, packed, and ready to meet Sammy at 9am today at UHaul to pick up the truck, clean out the storage locker, and take it all up to Sonoma.  Well… the truck started getting full, I decided that all the garden stuff can stay in  the storage locker until I have, you know, a garden plan.

Sam unloaded, brought MORE boxes into the house, and he left at 1pm.    And I am confronted with this mountain of boxes.  Renee is coming up tomorrow, and Sarah will be here Monday  Sarah is most excellent at organizing the kitchen.

Right now, I think I need a nap.

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2 Responses to Days 4 & 5 – Move In week

  1. Julie says:

    Congrats and welcome home!

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