Days 2 & 3 of Move-In week.

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the morning on the phone with Comcast trying to figure out what was going to happen and when, with virtually no success.  The agent on the phone kept saying (in every way possible) it’s in process.  Frustrating.


Counter tops without backspash


Counter tops with backsplash

I needed to seal the granite, as it is porous.  The installation folks gave me a huge bottle of some goopy stuff that Steve said was overkill, and a pain to work with.  So I popped over to Home Depot to get some spray on sealer, and get some tile for a backsplash.  Yes, I know I should be shopping a a local hardware store, but I went into two on Monday, and nobody had a reasonably priced tile that I could use.  I found this, and it’ll do for the time being.  There is this really cool adhesive; sticky stuff on both side of the paper, you cut it to fit the tile, and just stick it on.  I got the kind of tile I don’t have to grout.  So the afternoon on day 2, was taken up with counter tops and backsplash.

Day 3 – Unload the POD day.

I started early, heading back to Home Depot to return the extra package of the adhesive I got, and to buy a tile cutter.  Then I headed up to Sonoma.  I stopped to get my mail first, and my next door neighbor was there.  She started in on me…how come they’re letting you move in without any landscaping, it’s not fair, they made me wait a whole two months, I’m going to complain.  I was speechless.  I finally said, well, um the paperwork I have says I have 60 days to give them my landscaping plan, and if you complain, and they keep me from moving in, I don’t have anywhere to live.   Oh great, this is my next door neighbor.  Now what.

I pull up to the house, and am greeted with the joyful sight of the crew putting the shed on the driveway.  Now when I was up here yesterday, and cleared it with Dick to use the park staff to help me move in this morning, he casually mentions that my shed is too big to fit on he pad.  Huh?  Well, it seems that the craft room window is considered an exit and it can’t be covered, and if it’s covered, I won’t pass inspection.  IMG_0750Now, because my house didn’t take up 75% of the lot space (not by a long shot, actually), he said I could hang the shed OVER the pad (they’d put 2 x 4s under it to level it with the drive way, and it would stick out about 4′ from the awning.  I told him that he had mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, and I was assuming that’s what would happen.  So, here’s what it looks like, sans awning over the driveway.IMG_0753

Then he says, the guys will help you move in, just let  me finish the shed with two of ’em.  So I open the POD, start pulling stuff out, and I hear somebody yelling …and it’s my other female neighbor behind my house, screaming at Dick that he said “this person’s shed” would be on the driveway, and its hanging over and looks terrible!!!  Do something!! I just stood and looked at her, but she never even acknowledged me.  Well, that was fun … two in less than half an hour.  Honest, I am complying, and I don’t get why she’s so pissed.  She’s walked by the house a couple of times, and won’t even acknowledge me.  Oh well.

We start unloading the POD about 10:30,  I treat the guys to lunch and by 1:30IMG_0744, this is what theIMG_0745 POD looks like and this is what the shed looks like.  I can’t show you the house, because each room is chock full of boxes, but, I did manage to get the living room a little bit put away, and I will slowly, and methodically get the rest done.

So, tomorrow, Sarah is going to loan me her truck.  I am going to get shelving for the shed and put that together, and un pack a bit.  Friday,


Sam and I rent a UHaul box truck and bring up the storage locker, and I think that’ll be the first night I sleep here.  Saturday, my friend Renee is coming up and we may tackle the craft room and the dreaded stash.  I really hope Comcast can get it’s act together and get me TV by the weekend.  Not so much TV as I really want to set up office and internet.

IMG_0749IMG_0748That is all.  I’m beat.  More later.

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