Day 1 – Move-in week.

I truly hope I will be in, completely, by Sunday.  Maybe not organized, but in.

Steve, the factory representative who did the walk through with me today, was very nice and helpful.  I now have water (hot and cold), gas (for dryer, heater, stove and fireplace, which is way cool).

It was a little awkward, in that, according to Steve, the gas is all turned on when he gets there, but because our park is one of he old fashioned, 1970s versions, with one master meter for the park, and 293 little meters that draw from the one (for gas, electric, sewer and water), it’s up to he park to turn it on.  I thought they had, but I didn’t know to let them know.  There are far too many of those little odds and ends that if everybody doesn’t know who’s on first, they don’t get done.  There needs to be a checklist, given to the homeowner, to ensure they know what needs to be done in order.

The USA North Underground guy came by about noon, and the found where the drop bury for the cable needs to go, so were now up to step 3, Comcast to trench.  I hope that happens soon.

I changed out the shower head in the master bath, to one with a hand-held sprayer that I like.  I started to put in the shower curtain in the guest bath, but don’t have a level, so will finish that up when I get one.

A little bit of an unsettling note; my next door neighbor on the other side of the cul-de-sac entrance, Ed, told me that about 11pm last night, a pick up truck came by scoped out my POD, and then turned around and shone headlights on the door.  Ed said he turned on his lights, opened his drapes and scared ’em off.  He then called the sheriff.  They’re going to patrol the next couple of nights.

The park guys will help me move in Wed & Thurs, and then Sarah’s good friend Sam (who helped us move me out of my duplex) will bring all the stuff up from the storage locker on Friday.  By Friday, the shed should be on the driveway, and I can actually move the storage things in there.

The sidewalks

From the time the park told me about the requirements for sidewalks (and they have consistently used the word sidewalk to describe what needs to be done) around my home being a requirement, I was assuming they meant 1-2′ wide sidewalks encircling the property.  My next door neighbor, who, until the two new homes were added to the park this January, had the most recent build in the park (7 years ago), and she states they demanded she have sidewalks around her property, and they are, in fact, concrete paths all the way around.

My driveway was poured on Wednesday, and after they were through with my pour they went to space 210 to put in some brick work and the “sidewalks” around the single wide.  This trailer is owned by the park.

IMG_0722 IMG_0721 Yesterday was the first day I’ve had an opportunity to see the work that was done on that site.  This is the cement work they did for the skirting to sit on.  This does  not look anything  like a sidewalk to me.  When I mentioned to Dick that I would be fine with this type of cement work, he hemmed and hawed, and said I’d need a path at the back, right?  I said why would I need a sidewalk in the back, when the park-owned house doesn’t have one.  He’ll check with the owner. ::rolls eyes::

The Couch

This picture is of my four IMG_0720dining room chairs, which are 21″ across, each, with an inch between them.  The sofa is 88″ long.  If I put the sofa against that wall, it will only cover up half the first slider (the half that doesn’t open).  I think I can live with it.   My grandmother’s chairs will go, with the antique marble-topped table against the window, and my big comfy chair will be situated with back to the front door.  That way I can sit, be close to the TV and have the view at my disposal.  It’ll be tight, but the room is smaller than I thought.

Keep your fingers crossed that the thieves don’t come back tonight, or if they do, the sheriff is waiting for them.

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