More good stuff around the house!

Look, Ma, IMG_0710what followed me home today!  Hello stuff.  I opened the door to make sure it was mine, and I saw my lovely Tempur-pedic mattress just inside the door.  Not much longer now, and I can sleep in my own bed.  Oh how I’ve missed you!

IMG_0713It rained this morning, and cleared.  The picture up at the top of the blog was taken in the fall, when the hills are golden.  But in the winter and spring, they’re a lovely green.


And, lookie here!!  IMG_0707The counter tops are in.  Three days to “rest” then I have to seal them, then, I’ve got a kitchen.  I really like how this looks. Apparently, however, some of my neighbors are not fond of my floor choice.  IMG_0714Too light they say.  Well, it’s a good thing THEY don’t have to live here, isn’t it.  I just have one word to say:   :PPPpPpPpPpPpP



So, tomorrow at 8 AM Comcast comes over to connect me to the world of TV and the Interwebs, and before noon, the fridge arrives.

Walk through with manufacturer on Monday at noon, and then, ::gulp:: I guess it’s my house.

Need a deck and gardens, but there’s time.

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