Floors, done. Driveway, in.


It’s in, finally.  It was supposed to be in last Wednesday, but the concrete company happens to be owned by the son of the park owner, so they no-showed last Wed, and were supposed to be here yesterday, but also no-showed after telling park manager they would be here in the afternoon.

Problem is, my shed.  It is scheduled to built tomorrow, on the concrete, but it’s not cured yet.  However park management has given the OK to build it in the cul-de-sac, and they will move it to to the driveway when the concrete is cured.

Dick will be there and 0800 with me tomorrow to explain to TuffShed the plan.  I sure hope they agree, otherwise I’m SOL for storage.





The floor is in!!!  Isn’t it gorgeous!  One small hitch; LumberIMG_0692 Liquidators sold me the wrong color half rounds for the toe-kick area in the kitchen.  The guys will be back to replaceIMG_0697 it, at no charge.

I had asked their boss for a quote to fix the baseboards in the master bedroom; I emailed, and called twice, no response.  So, I made other arrangements.  Well, they fixed it, charged me $60, but The Floor Store has agreed to knock that off my bill.  So it’s all good.

Tomorrow the shed, Thursday the countertops and POD arrival.


The home manufacturer, Skyline, when all the work is done at their end, and it is, does an orientation/walkthrough to orient me as to appliances and operation of the equipment.  Also, to create a punch list of touch up items, that may need fixing (there are some clean up things, paint on mirrors, grout where it shouldn’t be, etc.).  It was supposed to be Friday, but they had an issue at another home, so it will be Monday.  They said I could start moving in, but keep things away from the wall.


Pretty much everybody in the park has Direct TV.  I called them up to order their service, and good lord, what an ordeal!  45 minutes on the phone, just for the TV, and then they connected me to the “internet” department.  For $24.95/month I could get AT&T wireless.  They had two other providers that were about $60/month.  Ok, sign me up for AT&T.  Then the agent asked me to agree to a “Federal Regulation” allowing AT&T and their “family of companies” to have access to all my information.  Um, back the truck up a bit, there kid.  What does that mean?  He didn’t know, couldn’t explain it, and I said I’d arrange for my own internet.

Then I started looking at what Direct TV offerred vs Comcast/Xfinity.  I like On Demand.  Ok, I can’t record more than 2 shows at a time, but pretty much everything I want to record is On Demand any way.  Also, Comcast has all the local radio stations.  Direct TV does not.  I went in to Comcast in Petaluma, it took 20 minutes, no deposit needed as I was such a good customer before, and they’re coming on Friday morning to set it up. YEAH!! I’ll have internet again!!!   I canceled Direct TV.

So, all in all, up to this point, a good day.

Then, I get a call from Bob’s neighbors up in Lakeport.  He was taken to the ER, they think he had a stroke.  The doc isn’t so sure, but they’re running some tests.  I’m waiting for the MD to call back.  Sarah and Bob’s sister may go up there tomorrow.

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