Not a good day

When I half-jokingly, in my first post said I would be “building my first modular home (not really, but …)”, I should have left the “not really” part out.  Now I know what a general contractor does.


Carpet installers were supposed to be onsite between 9-10 this morning.  They didn’t show up until 10:30, and I had to fly back to San Rafael for Char’s mom’s funeral.  When I got back  to Sonoma to make sure the house was locked and to see the carpet, this is what greeted me:

IMG_0671 IMG_0672 IMG_0673 IMG_0669

Not only did they keep me waiting, they did a crappy job.  I spoke with Laura, at The Floor Store, and she was pretty appalled.  So, we shall see what and how this gets fixed.

Laminate Flooring

Got a quote from Steve, the nice installer guy, and it’s in keeping with what I thought it would be.  He starts on Monday, at 8am.


So the park never heard from “Bobbie” yesterday, when he was supposed to show up at 8am to pour the driveway.    I’m sitting in my car, waiting for the carpet guys to show up when Jesus drives up and looks at me sheepishly.  I have come to learn that means (a) he’s got bad news and (b) Dick delegated him to do it because he didn’t want to.  Yep, Bobbie can’t get here until MONDAY to pour the concrete.  I said that would not work because I had scheduled the shed to be built on 2/6, and there wasn’t another opening for two weeks, and further, I had used that date based on what the park told me.  I politely (really, I was nice) suggested to Jesus that they find another concrete guy.  Come to find out, he’s a good friend of the park owner.  Ahhhh, nepotism everywhere.

So, I got the “we’ll do everything we can to make this work for you, the way you want it”.  Uh, huh, I’ve heard that before.


As I sit in my car, I’ve been meeting lots of my neighbors who walk their dogs, and they are a fun, and chatty lot.  Even discovered on of the men there knits, and his wife gave me a card of a yarn shop down the road.  But in all the time I’ve been hanging out there, taking pictures, measuring, I’ve never met the family next door.  I did yesterday.  I met Joan, and she’s very nice.  I gave her a quick tour of the house, after I got the keys.  And Boy Howdy, did I get an earful.  She’s a lovely woman.  But her first words to me were “is your nightmare nearly over”?  Apparently she went through many of the same traumas with the park that I have, and as she said, “It was seven years ago and I’m just now getting over it”.   ::gulp::  Ok then.

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3 Responses to Not a good day

  1. revknits says:

    Yikes, that carpet job is the worst I’ve ever seen. Hope they get that fixed at no charge to you.

  2. Linda says:

    So sorry, Judy! A quick fix might be for Steve to fix the baseboards when he’s there on Monday, for The Floor Store to pay him, and they would go collect from the installers. I hope next week brings good things.

  3. Braizyn says:

    Funny you should mention it, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen!

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