Moving forward … slowly

The things that were supposed to happen today (as an aside, if I didn’t have my iPhone or iPad, things could have gone so much worse):

Concrete poured for drive way, arranged by park:  The concrete guy no-showed.  I’m just grateful it wasn’t on my to-do list; enough went wrong there.  I’m assuming they come tomorrow, but park has not advised me.

Flooring Delivery and Installation set up:  I had been dealing with a guy named Francisco at the Geary St. location in the City.  We had been talking on the phone since Monday, and as my office these days is my car,  sometimes the connection isn’t so good, and Francisco does speak with an accent that sometimes is difficult to catch all the nuances.  So, I emailed him yesterday, and asked for specific answers to my questions that never seemed to get answered on the phone:  (a) when are the materials going to be delivered and (b) will I get a phone call telling me when.    No response to the email.  He did say something about after 9 am.  So I decided to go up to to Sonoma, and wait for it to get there.

He also mentioned that they had FedEx doing the delivery, and not the store.  Now, he never explained to me why this should matter.  And it DID, big time.

About 10:30 , the FedEx truck pulls, up, the guy gets out, I greet him (and I was good, really, I held my tongue, I didn’t say nothin’ ’bout not getting a phone call), and say, let me show you when they neet to be put in the house.  “um” he says “we don’t deliver inside a residence, only businesses”  I say, “but I paid extra for that service.  I’m 66 years old, no way can I lift those TWENTY boxes that weigh 45lbs each and carry them up the stairs”!  ‘Sorry for the inconvenience” he says.  “You’ll get that extra shipping refunded”.  WTF!!!!  I was steaming.  After about 15 minutes of angry phone calls to Lumber Liquidators and FedEx, nothing changed.

Oh, and THEN the phone rings, it’s FedEx saying to expect a delivery within the next half hour.

Before I left for Sonoma, I called the LL installing company, to arrange for the installation, on Monday, or Tuesday at the latest.  Nope, nobody available, they would put out calls, see what they could do.

Just as FedEx was getting ready to dump my flooring in the front yard, I get a call from LL Installation, and there was a nice installer named Steve who was available to assess the job, give me a quote and he was in Sonoma, he could be at the site in 5 minutes, was that OK?  Youbetcha!  He arrived, just to see what was happening with FedEx, and said, very kindly, not to worry, he’d take them into the house.  First though, he had to measure.  I had he floor plan the factory gave me, showing,  635 net square feet, and as I was handing it to him, he said he preferred to measure it on his own.  He comes back, saying that it’s really 794 net square feet.  ::gulp::  I’m on the phone with FedEx (on a another delivery issue in San Rafael), and I hand him the paper.

He comes back 10 minutes later, and says the most he could tighten up was 700 net sf.  How did the factory get it so wrong?  Steve calls LL in Santa Rosa, they have plenty.  I tell him I’ll go get it.  So up to Santa Rosa I go.   Then it dawns on me.  The factory was basing it’s measurements on a 24′ wide home.  It’s a 26’ wide home now.  That’s gotta be it.

I bring back the stuff, and the guys in the park help me bring it in.  Here’s the floor.  IMG_0663And Steve will have his crew there 8am Monday morning, and I’ll be there.  This is all the flooring to put in.

I tried getting the counter top guys in on Wed/Thur, but  never got a call back.  I’ll start dogging them tomorrow.

IMG_0659Taping, Texture and set up done:  Fernando and Jerry did a great job.  Fireplace and mantle looks great.

The one thing I was looking forward to at the end of the day, and I got it:


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