From the ground up

Today’s post is all about flooring, tree roots, sidewalks, and that which is underfoot.

I did hear from the builder this morning, btw, and the paint was in the house yesterday; the crew just didn’t know to give it to me.  Also, I will be getting the key tomorrow afternoon.  I’m not TOO excited about that.  NOT MUCH!!

Sidewalks: Chis Harris (the owner of Sterling Homes, and a park owner himself) called to talk about the sidewalks.  He’s pretty annoyed, not that it is required, but that it was not advised to me until way after I’d signed the lease documents.  When I told him why the park wanted it (to keep the little critters from eating under the siding), and that I’d gotten us a bit of a reprieve because I was doing decking, he came up with a better idea, and is going to present it to the park.  You know that metal lawn edging material that’s kinda rippled?  He suggested that should be placed behind the skirting, to the same depth as the sidewalk would be, and it would accomplish the  same thing, much less expensively.  We shall see.

Flooring:  Lumber Liquidators is having trouble getting me the materials timely, as they demanded.  It should be delivered tomorrow morning after 9:00 am so I will be here.  So, as the installers don’t work on the weekend, that’ll give 5 days for the flooring to aclimatize.  With any luck I can get a crew in here on Monday.  That remains to be seen.

Also got a call from a nice gentleman, in Customer Service, at Skyline Homes, the manufacturer.  There was an issue with the floor and the hearth.  As they are not installing the floor they were concerned that the difference in height between flooring and hearth tiles would be a problem.  Good thing I had my handy dandy floor sample with me.  They’re just the right height.   Even though it’s a gas fireplace, I think not having some sort of hearth, would make it seem unfinished.  What do you think?IMG_0650

Outdoors: I’m bumfuzzled about what they’re doing with the tree I wanted out.  They said they’d trim the roots back that would be getting in the way of (a) the deck and entrance walkway and (b) the small patio I want in front.  There is a whole lot more than trimmin’ goin’ on here.IMG_0653  Jesus, the maintenance supervisor said, “just tween you and me, and nobody else (none of you dear readers will tell park management, will you?), that tree gonna die”.   Ya think?  So, the bane of my building dreams for 2 months and the thing the held me up for a while, eventually will be gone.  Jesus also thinks IMG_0652I’ll be sorry, because I’ll need the shade.  He may be right, but I also suggested we immediately plant another Monterrey Pine (but deeper and properly this time) right near  it.  Oh well (and as my dear dad used to say, that’s a deep subject).

So, here she is, all taped up and put together!

IMG_0655Things I got done today:

  1. Got TV service ordered, still dithering about internet.  Decided to go with Direct TV.  Everybody in the park seems to use it.  Will be installed Sunday, Feb 10, in the morning.  Whew, will be able to see Downton Abbey in my new home!
  2. Got my homeowner’s insurance ordered and paid for.
  3. Fridge scheduled for delivery, Friday 2/8.
  4. Paint delivered to TuffShed.
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