Passed the state inspection!!

The shed is ordered, and they have an opening and can actually build it on Friday 2/1.  Wednesday, Dick (park manager) told me the concrete was going to be poured on Tuesday next (1/30), and Friday will be the third day of curing so that the shed can be built.  I got the 10′ x 12′ model.  It cost more, but I figured I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t get the max I could get.  Work bench at the back.  One window at the back over the work bench.  The door will look like this (but only 1 door, 4′ wide) sheddoor So, things are moving just great.  I’ll buy metal shelving rather than pay for the wood shelving.

I finished up with the Tuff Shed folks at about 11:15 Thursday and headed over to the house for the state inspection.  I was blown away driving up to see this. IMG_0623 I didn’t know, but one of the requirements needed to pass the inspection is that each door must have steps, and Brian built these yesterday.  And the risers are as short as he could legally make them, meaning my short, stubby legs will have no problem getting up my stairs. IMG_0624  They’re very sturdy, and serviceable, but, at some point will be replaced with decking or stairs/decking.  Same in the front.

Eugene Lichentenstein was the state inspector (same one who handled my tree complaint), and he was actually a nice guy.  He checked the bracing, all the appliances, smoke detectors, all electrical outlets, drains, shower heads and all bathroom connections.  He found one factory error in the shower connection in the master bath, but he is very experienced, and he taught Brian and Nathan a lot about what to look for that usually doesn’t get done in the factory, but needs to be looked at on site.  And I now have my certificate of occupancy from the state.  Nathan said he was going to call the Skyline interior folks and they might be able to work over the weekend, to do all the drywall, clean up, texture, connecting, etc over the weekend.  I asked about water pressure, and was advised that it’s what the park delivers, but they turned on the shower and it’s great!  (I feared for poor water pressure, but not to worry).

I actually got a big chance to wander around inside the the house.  Here are some of the pictures for the day.

The cabinets behind the fireplace/tv. IMG_0627 There will be granite on top of that.

Here’s the stove and microwave (the blue stuff will come off, it’s to IMG_0628protect the stainless).

The brown tile in the bathroom.IMG_0635  I got an idea from my friend Nan — mix and match tan and green accessories (towels, mats) and it will looked planned.

Kitchen Sink:IMG_0639

IMG_0631Guest bath.

The light above the front door.IMG_0641

Here’s a view from the sidewalk to the back of the lot.  Lots of room for a deck/yard, planing.  Something fun.IMG_0626

Then, surprise surprise, as the boys were finishing up lunch, AFTER the inspection (I’d been on site for about 2 hours), Ken, the assistant park manager tells us (Dick was out sick), that they couldn’t put the skirting up as the park required that their be sidewalk all the way around the house for it to rest on.   This was WAY news to me, and to Nathan and Brian.  They’d brought their sleeping bags to stay the night and finish up by Friday.    At first I was steaming!!  I’d been talking to Dick every single day this week,  about schedules, what to expect for the inspection, was going to happen, etc, and he said NOTHING to me about sidewalks and the skirting.  And I’m wondering if I have to pay for it.  GEEZE, how about a heads up, or a reminder, something,  ANYTHING.

On top of that, Ken just casually mentions that the concrete will be poured on Wed, not Tuesday.  Also news to me.   I’m also wondering how they’re going to pour concrete over the tree roots, and expect it to stay down.  How will affect my deck … also when talking to Dick and about the deck (say that five times fast) no mention made of sidewalk.  Just more lack of or mis communication from the park.

The flooring materials (a) must be delivered by 1/31 to qualify for the discount and (b) have to sit in the house for at least three days to acclimate before they install it.

Based on that info, my schedule will be:

  1. Texture, taping & close up done by Wednesday 1/30
  2. Concrete poured  Wednesday, 1/30.
  3. Get flooring materials delivered Wednesday, 1/31, to acclimate for 3 days.
  4. Schedule carpet installation Thursday, 1/31.   (I think they said it will take a day
  5. Three days after curing the driveway will be Saturday, 2/2, while there was an opening for Friday 2/1 to have the shed built, when I found out the concrete was being done on Wed instead of Tues, I had to move it up to the next first available, and that  was Wednesday, 2/6.  So the shed is set to come in a week from Wednesday
  6. I need to connect with the Lumber Liquidators installers to find out the soonest I can get the floor put in.  IF they work on the weekends, they could start on Sunday 2/3, but, I’m guessing’ that ain’t gonna happen.  So it looks like Monday 2/4 will be the flooring.   That should take 2 days max, and it can be walked on immediately.
  7. If the floor is in by end of day Tuesday, I will schedule the granite for Thursday, 2/7.  That should take no more than half a day to install,a but three days to cure.
  8. I have my POD arriving on Thursday 2/7.
  9. So, with any luck I can get the fridge, dining room table & chairs, sofa (which is sitting at Macy’s in Novato for the last two weeks) and the cleaned area rug all delivered on Friday 2/8.
  10. If I can get the crew together that helped me moved out set up to move me in the weekend of 2/9-10, I might be actually living in my house..

The big problem/issue now is the sidewalks and awning in the back.  Nobody from the park called me today, so I’m not sure where things stand.  I did get an email from the builder about that, and as he also owns a park, he advised me that sidewalks are a property improvement, and as I don’t own the property, I’m off the hook for the cost.  As far as scheduling, that’s between the park and the builder, and I’m gonna let the two of them hash it out

The final bit of business I need to deal with before I can actually start “living”, is getting TV and internet hooked up.  I’ll do that next week.

I feel like Captain Malcolm Reynolds of the transport ship Firefly … “Nothing ever goes smoothly.  Just ONCE I would like it to go smooth”.


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