Floor – done, shed – to be done and the final Schedule!!

The floor is12hn_rs ordered.  While the bamboo I wanted was on sale, the cost of installing the bamboo (nail or glue down) was $3.59/.  Not in my budget.  So, back to the 12mm laminate (which is installed by clicking the pieces together).  This was on sale, and between the flooring, all the odds and ends and installation, it will end up costing about $4.00/sf.  I’m ok with that.  Maybe it’ll end up looking horrible in 5-7 years, but by then, maybe I can afford the bamboo.   But, at the moment, I have floor.

I now just waiting to hear from the builder when the state inspection is scheduled, and when the interior crew will be coming.

Next on the to-do list, the shed.

Good thing the house is together and all buttoned up.  It’s gonna rain tomorrow.

UPDATE 7:30 pm:  The state inspection will be Thursday.  The tape and texture work by Skyline will be complete by next Wednesday.  Then I can get the carpet, floor and counter tops in by the end of next week, hopefully.  THEN, I can start moving in at the beginning of the 2nd week in February.

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