So close, and yet ….

Spent the afternoon yesterday watching the guys work, and just sitting outside the house, in the car knitting.  It was 72 degrees, fluffy little white clouds and it was sooooooo quiet!  (except for the drills, saws and hammers, when in use).  Peaceful, and lovely


It’s all together! IMG_0328 Basically Nathan and Brian are leveling it and putting in the earthquake bracing.   They let me go inside (more later) and it felt very solid.  Each of those pillars under the house are rated to hold 8,000 pounds.


The front yard is pie shaped.  The SE corner of the house (front of house, back of lot, closest to neighbor) is aboutIMG_0334 4 feet from neighbor’s boundary line.  The line from that spot to the hydrant/light post area (front of lot, closest to neighbor and sidewalk) is about 45 feet.  From that spot, back to the SW (front of lot closest to street/sidewalk and cul de sac driveway entrance) corner of the house is about 27 feet, and the length of the house is 50 feet.   That’s pretty good sized.  Lots can be done.

The house is 26′ wide (it was supposed to be 24′ wide, but IMG_0336they measured it, and each half was 13′.  This was part of the argument I was having with the park (I wanted a 27′ wide house, they said I could only have 24′), but they’re good with this, so I ain’t saying’ nothin’.    From the mid-point of the prow to the sidewalk is 14′, and it’s about 2′ more on each side.  Width of the sidewalk area is 8 ‘.  So, again. enough space for steps and a small patio, or maybe deck/steps.  remains to be seen.

Problem area is from SW corner of house to the pine tree I wanted out.  It’s about 2’ wide.  No room for anything.  Interesting side note; a couple of neighbors came by to look and chat.  They mentioned that the pine trees are a problem asIMG_0333 they are at the end of their life span (a point made by the arborist in my report to park owners), and they had just had one of the three Monterey pines on their lot removed because it was distressed.


While they shouldn’t have, they guys let me in, briefly to see the house.  It was just as I imagined it, and I was really, really impressed.

Living Room:  Nice views, huh?   This is from the living room looking to the SE and neighbor.   IMG_0615Probably, when planning front yard, will add some lattice so that neighbors don’t have to look in my window.    Nice view to the vineyards.  The prow end windows are doing just what I wanted.IMG_0612


Fireplace/TV:  There is a cover for the electronics closet (DVR, router, modem, etc. will go in here, and that is very nice.  I’m thinking I may want to put a bookcase along the side, but that’s for later.IMG_0332




Dining area:  The built-ins look fantastic.  Just what I hoped for.  Maybe the table will be fine. IMG_0611 We’ll see.




Kitchen:  While small and compact, I really do love this kitchen.  Cannot wait to see it with floors, counter tops and fridge.  IMG_0604



Utility Room:  Hello gorgeousIMG_0605 (I have truly missed having my own washer and dryer for the last 13 years).  That was one of those decisions I was waffling about; stackable or normal.  Stackable would have cost about $400 more, and I wasn’t sure if much space would have been saved.  Now, I’m thinking’ I should have gone with the stackable; would have given me more utility storage (cleaning supplies, mop, vacuum, etc.)  But it’ll be fine.

Craftroom/3rd bedroom:  This is the one room that not only was I looking forward to, but it is the one room that is the biggest disappointment.  It’s a WHOLE lot smaller than I would have liked, and now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t swap out the den/office, with the craft room.   It’s maybe 9 x 9, and has good sized closet, for the size of the room.    IMG_0606The den/office was where I was going to put my desk, and I had planned to line it with bookcases.  Now, I just don’t know.  I had also wanted to put one of those hidden beds/desks in the craft room, but there just isn’t a place for it.  Not sure there is a place in the other room.  As Scarlett said, fiddle dee dee, I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

Master Bedroom/Bath:  Room is good sized, but a little narrower than I thought.  It’ll be fine.  IMG_0607The master bath shower is gorgeous.  But this is where I screwed up; everything in there is earth tones.  I’d forgotten that.  Not sure I knew if there was a choice for other colors.  Oh well, the “theme” in the rest of the house will be greens, and the master bath, brown.  Also, the master bath is small.  I knew this was going to happen because of the re-engineering.  I’ve had smaller bathrooms, but, wider would have been better.

Next steps:  Nathan and Brian leave today.  State inspector Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’m hoping Skyline (factory) interior crew show up by the end of the week, but it may be next week to do the drywall, prep the appliances, hook up the utilities, and generally clean up the site.   When they’re done, I get a walk through, and the key.  Simultaneously, next week, after the state inspection is done, the concrete for the driveway will be poured.  A little more good news; the width of the driveway will be 12′ (which means I can get a bigger shed in there).  There was some thought that to get a wider house on that lot the drive way could only be 10′, which is the minimum the state allows.

That’s it for now!

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