More pictures

A couple of pictures I took yesterday.

imageThe bushes at the front next to the sidewalk are in my neighbors yard, so you can kinda see where the boundary is.  So, if you’re driving up the street, this is the first view you see of the house.  I’ll try and get another picture today of the yard, or at least some measurements, because I gotta admit, I was a bit taken aback by the size of the front yard area.  It’s a little difficult to tell in these two dimensional shots, but maybe you can judge by the distance to the front door from the bushes.  While it’s still small, it is nonetheless a whole lot bigger than I thought

Also, while they’re not put together yet, here’s a rough look at the prow end. image Again, I was surprised by the amount of room in front that I have to play with.

Sometime the interwebs can be an amazing tool.  This morning I searched using the phrase “small space redwood deck designs” and got a bunch of really great ideas, and have been pinning them to my new “Deck” board on Pinterest.  These are just a few of the ideas I really liked.  (for those of you, dear readers, that haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, and the joys of “pinning”, it’s a lot of fun for all those ideas you find on the net, but when you bookmark them, they seem to go into a black hole of  I-forgot-where-I-put-it)

One of the things I can do is put fencing (no taller than six feet, but I’ll probably make it very small,  no higher than three feet) right up against the sidewalk.   One of the space saving things I always wanted to try was to espalier fruit trees.  Maybe  I’ll experiment along a fence with a couple of dwarf fruit trees.

The back of the house.  imageProbably won’t ever see it like this again.  As soon as the state inspector gives his ok, the concrete will be laid for the driveway, and the awning to cover the carport will go up as well.  Additionally, at the far end (left side) is where the shed will go under the awning.    The left window is the craft room window (skylight above).  The door is the “back door” to the house, through the utility room where washer and dryer will live, and the other window is the kitchen window.

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