It’s beginning to look a lot like a house

There it is! IMG_0593This is the way you’ll see the house as you come up the street. I had no idea, once the house got placed, exactly how much room I’d have for outdoor living space. I was thinking …not much … but, it sure looks like a lot.

Also, here’s what the prow end looks like; not put together yet, but that will happen by Sunday. Again, from the way the house was laid out, and from my discussions with Dick (park manager) I imagethought there would be no room to do anything with the front, or that’s what he wanted me to believe. But even he was impressed with the house design and asked me “So, what have you got planned for steps, outside the sliders”? I replied that from our discussions, I didn’t think I could plan anything there, there wasn’t enough room. He said no, there’s plenty of room. WELL …. it looks like not only can I have steps coming down from the slider, but put a nice little patio outside there as well. That will leave a ton of room in front for a nice big deck (when/if I can afford one). This is really good news.

Also, (darn it), the tree I wanted out will actually provide shade for the living room in the afternoon, as it blocks the direct sun So, maybe it’s not such a bad idea that it’s there (and if you tell anybody I said that, I’ll deny it).

Nathan and Brian are putting it together tomorrow. They needed some siding and half cinder blocks that they thought they could pick up on the way, but were unable to.  They’ll be finished putting the house together by Sunday.   That means the inspection will be done (hopefully) Tuesday or Wednesday (Monday being a Holiday).  Then the Skyline folks will come in, probably by the end of next week to do the drywall and finish getting the house ready for me to do my thing.  I don’t have any idea how long that is going to take, at this point.  Once that’s done, the house is mine and I get the keys.  THEN, I get to put in the floor, carpet and counter tops.

I finally stopped arguing with myself about “to carpet or not to carpet” in the master bedroom. I decided to carpet.CarpetColor

I’m meeting with a floor installer recommended to me at the house tomorrow to discuss cost to install flooring. I decided to go with bamboo, in this color.Bamboo Lumber Liquidators has lowered the price from 2.59/sf to 1.79/sf. It’s thirty cents more per foot ($210) than the laminate, but (a) it’s natural and (b) sustainable and (c) won’t scratch as easily. l

So, really, the only immediate thing I need to decide on is which shed to get, and how to get it installed.

The one disappointment today was the dining room table and chairs. I went in to look at it and it’s the same color/finish as I gave him. Yes, cleaned up nicely, and the chairs look great, but it’s the same “english” oak, and not the “honey” oak he promised. The cascade of excuses also annoyed me. He knocked $200 off, but that’s not enough. Yes, I’m sure worse things will happen, but it was, nonetheless, not what was promised.

Lots and lots of neighbors came by to see they house and officially welcome me to the “hood” (as one of my neighbors called it). It was lovely meeting them all.  According to Dick, they all love the look of the house, with the prow end.

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