A girl can change her mind, can’t she?

PisaGoldFor some weird reason, I had been stewing about the granite.  And while the Pisa Gold looked really pretty in the showroom, the picture I took of it here, seemed a whole lot darker.   So I went back to Granite Expo on Friday and took a look at another, lighter slab, and bought it instead.  It’s called Golden Dragon (or Flower, can’t remember which).  It’s hard to tell in this pic, as this was a darker part of the yard, but it is lots lighter, in person, than the Pisa Gold (I know, hard to tell the difference). GoldenFlower And, it was $200 cheaper.  Looking at the pictures here, it doesn’t look that different, but it is.

The lot is all prepped.  Due to the sogginess of the ground, Nathan and Brian IMG_0300did all the work by hand and didn’t use the cat.  It’s all finished, and just got word from the builder that they’re going to wait a couple more days to let it dry out some more before moving the IMG_0587house from the factory and placing on the site ::sigh::

One of the tricky issues is how to get it on the site.  Way in the back, where the mudhole is (the boys didn’t realize how soggy the ground was and drove the cat into it on 12/21), is the place where they are going to need stability to pull the house on the lot.  CorrectedFloorPlanByFactory01Dec12  On this floor plan, see the two pointy things in the back?  Those denote the hitch end … the end that is hitched to the truck to pull it to the site.  Normally, they would back each side onto the lot, pushing from front to the back of the lot, but because of the prow end, the hitch is located at the back of the house, and each side needs to be pulled on to the lot.  Can’t wait to see that happen!

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