Two days with no rain, four to go

Went by the lot on Friday, taking Bob and Mary back to Lakeport, just to show them where my new digs would be, and I was pleasantly surprised to see this (as an aside, the panorama photo feature on the iPhone is very cool):


The surprise was  mainly due to my belief that nobody had been there since Friday, 12/21, and the pictures they sent me (previous post) were what I thought the site looked like.

Then I started to walk around the site (didn’t dare go on it, because I wasn’t sure how stable it was) and saw this:



Ok, that officially freaked me out.  That mud hole isn’t near either the staked out house area, nor the area where they were trenching to move the utility pedestal, so I’ve asked ’em … how did this happen?  I’m not sure that six days, no rain, will fix this.

The Fridge

Found the fridge of my dreams … FridgeClosedwell, at least one that will fit in my space and not overwhelm the kitchen.  Using the measurements of the Whirlpool model that had been in the space, I could ascertain that this would fit;  the Whirlpool 33 5/8″ wide, and the Samsung  is 33 1/4 inches wide.  The Whirlpool’s depth, with handles was 34 7/16″, and the Samsung’s depth with handles is 30.5″, without handles … just the box and doors, is 27″… so basically saving about 7″ of extrusion.

There was a 10% “Welcome to the Neighborhood” coupon off from Lowes in the change of address packet from the Post Office.  So with coupon, price, ice maker hookup, 5-year warranty, it all came to $1,313.00.  It won’t be here until 1/30, but who knows…with any luck, I’ll be moving in then.

The price of the Samsung was anywhere from $700 to $1,500 less than others of this size I’d been looking at over the last 4 days., I know it’s all about marketing and what people want, but I really don’t get why something so much smaller, is that much more expensive!  The Fisher & Pykel (read Mercedes of fridges) this size was $3,400.   Somebody at Sears tried to tell me that it was all that extra engineering to make it Energy Star compliant.  And yet, there are lots smaller, Energy Star fridges that are a lot less expensive.  /rant off

One “must do” on the list down, many more left.

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One Response to Two days with no rain, four to go

  1. Linda says:

    Lots of rain-free days in the forecast, Judy. I hope things start moving soon!

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