Never assume because it … well, you know the rest

Seeing my new house for the first time yesterday was really exciting.  It was a quick (and loud) walk through as the east side of the house was still on the factory floor, and it was still being worked on.  The west side of the house was all wrapped up for transporting.

This was my first view of the kitchen. IMG_0557 I was more interested in the very cool cabinet on the side to hide the tv stuff, and it looked just like I thought it would; no surprises.



This was the second view…from ground level looking up into the house from the dining area …  IMG_0562again, just what I expected.

I did the post last night quickly, as I wanted the pictures up.  But something was nagging at me.  I took a longer look this morning, and then it hit me.  …  the fridge sticking WAY out.   Doesn’t look quite the same as this, in the floor plan, does it?



So I called the factory, to ask (a) was it really supposed to be sticking out so far and (b) what was the model number of the fridge.  You would have thought I had created a profound breach of etiquette.  All questions really should have gone through the salesman (who’s days off are today and tomorrow, and is off next week for the holiday).  After apologizing profusly I did get the model number, and was told that there were 2 x 4s behind it for transport, but that it would always stick out beyond the counter.  However, my concerns would be relayed to David.  They had his “other” email (the super secret one, I guess).

I looked up the model number, and it’s 22 cubic foot Fridge/freezer.  Wow.  I guess I was “assuming” that the picture above indicated that the fridge would be flush against the counter, and I was further assuming that the item chosen would be appropriately scaled.   No way do I need a fridge that big.

I did a quick Google search and found there are several 17 cubic foot “counter flush” French-door refrigerators.  Pricey, but much nicer looking, and more importantly, size appropriate to the space.

When I asked to have the side-by-side changed out for the French-door model I was never asked what size I wanted, or even that I had a choice.  I should have asked, but didn’t know enough to do that.

Luckily, David called and they will remove this fridge and I will get a credit for it.  I’ll have to buy my own, and have it delivered, but, to me, it will be well worth it to have an unobstructed path from dining area to kitchen without having to step around an appliance, in a very small passage space.

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