Thar She Blows!

IMG_0566Visited the factory today!  I’m really impressed.  This is the west side.  It’s all done, wrapped up in plastic, and ready to be transported.  They will begin moving it from Woodland to Sonoma on Wednesday, December 26.  I couldn’t see inside very well.  The front door will be installed onsite, to protect the glass.


Here’s the prow end of the east side of the house. This side was almost finished, and I got a really good look at all the cool bits.

This is the built in cabinet for the dining area.IMG_0556  The doors will be installed on site.

The kitchen.  It is smallish, but well appointed.  There is a pantry to the right of the stove.IMG_0562  I love the fridge!

Here’s the TV/Fireplace wall.  IMG_0558They built in this lovely little cabinet where all the cords from the TV can hide to connect to the modem, dvr and router that will be in there too.  There is a door that will hide all that schmutz from view. IMG_0557 The hearth and mantel will be installed onsite.

Utility room, with washer, dryer and cabinets.IMG_0559  Furnace is behind the door.

There are wooden, louvered blinds on all the windows, and for the time being that will be fine.  There are those large paneled

I’m really pleased.

…. so, the beginning of the end has begun!

IMG_0568Merry Christmas all!

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