Taking things for granite

Even though I’m living under another, temporary roof, I’m feeling a lot more anchored.  The one thing I’m really missing, however,  is internet access.  This is in no way a criticism of my hosts; more likely a commentary on my need to stay connected. Since the mid 90s I have always had 24/7 access, either through my TV or phone provider.  Hence, I’ve been spending most of my mornings at whatever Starbucks I can find a seat with a plug, which in this day and age, is not always an easy task.  Where I’m staying, in one of the valley areas in San Rafael, surrounded by hills, my AT&T iPad connections is iffy, but Verizon is fine.  I thought the solution to my problem would be to pay for a couple of extra gigs of data and turn my iPhone into a hotspot.  Well, um, after three days of using it in the evenings to watch a couple of Netflix movies, I had used 75% of the extra data I purchased.  ::gulp::  Back to the drawing board.  Too bad nobody makes a Metro PCS-like, pay-as-you-go,  unlimited data hotspot.

Kitchen, part 2

I know I said I was going to wait on the cabinet tops, but I went over to  Granite Expo in Emeryville Saturday to check on prices, installation costs, timing, etc., as Sterling sent the factory drawings for counter top measurements, as well as floor measurements.  If the factory installed the countertops that are standard, it would have cost me an additional $500 for the labor to demo those countertops before the granite could be installed.  No brainer.  I called and asked to have the counter tops in the kitchen only to not be put in.GranitePieces  The other reason I’m glad I went is because the pretty light gold I posted before is a directional piece of granite, and just to ensure that it all matched I would have had to spend an additional $550 to get an extra piece.  That was a harder decision, but I went with this granite; it’s called Pisa Gold and is really pretty.

Friday I made a trip to Sunway Floors in the industrial part of San Francisco.  This hardwood floor dealer was recommended to me by a friend who has been doing a lot of rehabbing lately.  The prices are good (about .30/sf cheaper than Lumber Liquidators, including the padding). SunwayRedOakLaminae The only problem is that I need to find an installer.  I chose to go with this pretty color, called Red Oak.   This will go throughout the house.  (I’m still arguing with myself about carpet in the master bedroom, and I’d better make a choice quick.)

Lastly, this is an actual picture of the cabinetry, and design, I’m using throughout.  No hardware, just plain.AlderCabinets

Living/Dining (not so Great) Room

I know that this open floor plan is called the Great Room, but my home is on the smallish side, so I have trouble calling it a great room; even though it takes up about 1/3 of the dwelling. LRDRKit  The focal point of the room is a floor-to-ceiling wall that separates the great room from the kitchen.  It will house my TV and a gas fireplace.  There will be a small bookcase on the right side of the wall which will house all the tv stuff (dvr, router, modem, etct.) to keep it off the mantle. Fireplace

I had thought about painting that wall as a contrasting color, but chickened out.  The windows (not the prow end) are very tall and will let in a lot of light.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the house on Thursday.  I promise to take lots of pictures.

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2 Responses to Taking things for granite

  1. Linda says:

    Judy, your home is going to be fantastic! I love the Pisa gold granite. Fingers crossed for quick progress on all fronts.

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