The Light at the end of the Tunnel – January 16th

Skyline sent me a tentative timeline yesterday for “what happens next”.  As I mentioned in the previous post, I was told that the house was started at the factory Tuesday, 12/4.  I was advised today that it will be done by close of business Friday, 12/21.  I have an appointment at 10 AM Wednesday, 12/19 to go up to the factory to see my new digs.  I’ll take lots of pictures.  The utility pedestal is being moved this week; I drove up to Sacramento today and got the permit myself.

The timeline indicated (to me) that installation would begin on 12/29.  That freaked me out some, as I was wondering what the house would be doing sitting at the factory for 8 days before anything started, but as David explained to me, that, what with Christmas and all,  they are, at the outside, planning to have the house placed on the lot and connected BY 12/29, maybe 12/30.  WHEW!

Sterling has the State inspection scheduled for 1/2/2013, which is really a good sign, because once that is done, then they start the interior work.  While the interior work is being done, they can simultaneously pour the concrete for the driveway.  Once that’s dry, the skirting and awnings are attached.  So, the two things I need to organize are:

  1. Find and schedule the hardwood flooring.  I’m heading to the City tomorrow to visit a company recommended by a friend who does a lot of rehabbing – she says they’re cheaper than Lumber Liquidators
  2. find and organize the building of my storage shed/workshop after the concrete dries.  When I changed my address I got a welcome package of coupons, including a 10% off from Lowe’s on my first purchase.  Maybe that’s where I’ll get my shed.

So, it looks like the week of 1/7/2013 is the week when all that stuff gets done.  I was also advised that the timeline is conservative, and could be done sooner, barring weather, wind, etc.

The last item on the timeline is 1/17/2013, final walk through.  I really would hope that could be sooner, rather than later.  But, we shall see.

My wonderful sister used to say that the universe keeps throwing the same lessons up at us until we learn them.  Really, and truly, I’m trying to learn patience but, it’s never been one of my strong suits.  At this stage, it’s que sera, sera!.

That’s it for the nitty gritty.  I thought maybe I’d list the things I’m planning to do with each room.


I’ve never had a kitchen where I was the first person to use anything in it, nor pick out anything, even the colors.  So this is very fun for me.  The standard cabinetry is alder wood; no upgrade.  I like it, a lot.  I know it’s very trendy to have either the cabinets painted CabinetFinishescountry white, or the other fashionable shade being darker, mahogany or cherry.  But I like the light, so I’m happy about that.

I definitely want granite counter tops, but the factory didn’t have the shade I wanted (this pretty gold/white), so I’m opting for their imagestandard (no upgrade) counter tops until I can get it sorted.

The standard appliance package with the house is a regular refrigerator (freezer on top), gas stove and oven.  In white.  That’s it.  The appliance upgrade costs $1,500 and you get, in addition to the two appliances mentioned, an over stove microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal.  The fridge swaps out for a side-by-side.  For an extra $500 you can get the appliance package in stainless steel, which I chose.

Initially, I had planned to have a gas cook top on the surface behind the tv/fireplace wall, with hood.  Then the oven/microwave would have been wall mounted.  But as I started looking at space and Rangestorage, I decided to go with the gas stove/oven combo, with the microwave/hood over it.   That will leave the cabinets and surface behind the tv/fireplace wall free (until I clutter it up, of course).


For the fridge/freezer combo, I went with the “French door” style.  We always had a side-by-side fridge and freezer (which was the standard upgrade combo), and I never liked it; freezer side

FridgeClosedwas always way too narrow.  I don’t need an ice maker/water dispenser.  The freezer on the bottom, however, is really nice, deep and wide, so it can hold lots of things.


I’m also having a solar tube in the kitchen.  The east side of the house (which is comprised of the dining area, kitchen, utility room, 2nd bedroom/craft room and master bath) is on the driveway side of the house, where the awning will be attached, thereby making those rooms darker.  So with a solar tube in the kitchen and a big skylight in the craft room, that will bring it lots more light.  Don’t need anything in the dining area (it has one of the big prow end windows) and the master bath.

I like a big single cell sink, but the single cells available through the factory are much smaller that then two-cell sink that comes with the stainless package.  If I find I need a bigger sink, I’ll deal with that down the road.  I also didn’t give any thought to the faucet in the sinkkitchen.  Again, that’s a later thing.

More later after the visit to the house.

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