Oy! Such a week it’s been!

First, the move:

Ninety percent of everything I own is in the 16’ long POD.   It will be living in Hayward for the next month (or so).  The delicate stuff and that which didn’t fit in the POD will be stored in a local self-storage place.

Decided to go with the built-in hutch as it will look much nicer and even Sarah agreed it will be worth it.  Sunday night the upholster/furniture finisher picked up the table and chairs.  They’ll be ready in 3-4 weeks.  I told them no need to hurry.  After not receiving one single call from anybody interested in buying the hutch/buffet or couch, both of which I had listed for cheap on CraigsList, I decided to give them away.  CraigsList has a “free stuff” section.  Within 1 hour of posting, I received 22 emails for both items (a total of 50 emails received before I got the “ah ha” moment, and deleted the ad).  The Hutch/buffet and sofa went to a family from the east bay that lost their home during the foreclosure debacle.

When I moved into this place, I bought an IKEA daybed.  And assembled it in the room where it was going to be used (you know where THIS is going);  ooops, to big to get through the door.  I didn’t want it for the new place, so I posted on the “free stuff area”, saying “come and get it by Wed., but you’ll have to disassemble to remove”.  Again, within an hour, 17 responses.  I learned from the previous posting that after getting that many responses, delete the ad, to stop the onslaught of emails!  The day bed went to a young family in Petaluma, whose son had outgrown the little bed he moved into after his crib.

As much as I want to get that really flamboyant area rug I posted about last month, I need to wait and see about my $$$ until after I move in.  Had a rug cleaning company pick up the my current wool rug, which, while nice and tasteful, is a bit boring.  So it will be shampooed (which it sadly needed), spruced up and useful for another year or so. FullPOD

So even with all the big, bulky pieces gone, the POD still looked like this.

Oh yeah, and we had a wee bit of weather during this time.

I’m exhausted, every muscle in  my body is aching, I broke every single nail.  I’m grateful to everybody that helped get all my crap stuff together.  I’m also grateful and truly thankful that my friend Char has offerred me temporary living space.  Right now, I’m in a motel room, with a big glass of merlot, watching TV hoping I don’t have to move again, for a long, long time.

Second, the house.

If you take a look at this drawing … the first factory approved one I got,

This is it!

you’ll seen that there is this little 1’ jog on either side.  This is the drawing that Shawn (the site whisperer) used to stake out the house placement on the lot.  And in so doing, the determination was made that the utility pedestal needed to be moved.  That was Thursday, 11/28.  On Monday, in the middle of the move, CorrectedFloorPlanByFactory01Dec12I get an email from David, with another floor plan, saying that the factory sent us the wrong plan, and that those little jogs weren’t there.  Ok, fine, no problem.

Until 2 am Tuesday when I woke up with start thinking, SHEESH, those two extra feet might have made a difference in placing the house on the lot; after all, were only talking about a foot and a half closer to the pedestal.   So I asked the question.  Nobody could really tell me one way or another if the left side of the house (which is closest to the pedestal) could be moved closer because that extra foot on the left side would be gone.

So, we decided that once the left side of the house is delivered and placed, and then we’ll see if we need to move the pedestal.  Of course (and you could see THIS one coming, too, huh?) that will add up to a week to the finishing process, maybe.

The really good news is that the factory started the house on Tuesday.  Which means, for sure, that factory construction will be completed, at the very latest (I’m hoping for sooner rather than later) by 12/21, when the factory shuts down for the holidays.  I’ve asked the builder to supply me with a timeline, which they will, but want to stress that it’s not cast in stone, what with possible weather delays, and the holidays in the middle of all this.

Also, after arguing with my self for a while, it’ll probably be a good idea that the POD not be brought to the site until the storage unit is built.  That will save moving stuff in, and then having to move it out again.  So, Monday night was the last night I spent in my very own cozy bed until…what, mid January?


The factory also completed this drawing of the front elevation with the prow end.  Pretty nifty!

You would think, that with the horrible, windy (gusting up to 75mph in some places in Marin and Sonoma) storm we just went through that Ma Nature would have taken pity on me and blown that damn tree over and onto the utility pedestal, but noooooo, I’m not that lucky.  All withstood the storm.

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