The more things change, the more they stay the same

PODThis bad boy was delivered Monday, and I’m thinking it may be too small.  We’ll find out on 12/3 when the guys come to load it up

I really REALLY hate moving,  packing to move, and unpacking once you get there. Thanks to my friend Linda, I got the china hutch all packed up.  Sarah says I have too many books, and yes…I do.  She’s made me promise I can’t by another knitting book…ever again, and I probably shouldn’t.  But what if the internet goes down? (sorry, a little zombie apocalypse humor)

Anyway …

IMG_0274The very first grown up pieces of furniture we ever bought was our dining room set.  It was very classy … for mid 1970s; sold English oak, buffet and hutch, 6′ table with a leaf (so we could seat 8), 4 upholstered armless dining chairs and 2  chairs with arms.  What sold me on it in the first place was the chairs were comfy.    I’ve carted this set around with me since 1975, and I was getting tired of it.  Very dated, nobody has English Oak any more, etc. etc.  I first thought I would have it consigned at the Corte Madera Consignment store, but, their previewer basically turned his nose up at all my stuff.  Then I put it on Craigslist.  No takers.

I had it all planned; see the area in the dining area of the new house, against the wall, where it now says “no hutch”?  I had planned to have a hutch and buffet built in there, with the same wood as the rest of the cabinets.  Then, I’d buy a pretty new glass table.  And some nicCorrectedFloorPlanByFactory01Dec12e new chairs.

The built-in hutch and buffet were going to be the same Alder finish as the kitchen cabinets. CabinetFinishes

Then the utility pedestal moving thing happened.  And the firm that handles utility relocation is quoting me $5,500 to move the pedestal up to 5′.   ACK!

So, here are my choices:

  1. I could donate the whole thing to either the Salvation Army or Goodwill.  As money starts becoming more-than-I-budgeted-for in some areas this seems like a rather profligate thing to do.BuiltInHutchBuffet
  2. The built-ins will cost $1,900, as part of the cost of house.  At the moment, I’ve canceled that, but I’m sure, by tomorrow, I could add it back in.  The built ins will cover the entire back wall, which is about 8′.  Something like the picture on the right, but in the alder wood above.
  3. Sarah suggested that I keep the table, and recover the chairs.  To that end I found some nice upholstery fabric on sale, and company that redid my Mom’s chairs, would do all six of the dining room chairs and oil the wood for $1,000.  They don’t refinish furniture.
  4. There is a company in San Rafael that will upholster and refinish each each chair at $225 each.  Also, they will refinish the table for $500.  And the finish they will use is “honey oak”, very similar in shade to the alder being used in the rest of the house.  So, for $800 more than I planned on recovering the chairs, I get a nicely re-finished table and chairs, in the color of the wood that will used throughout the house.  Not the glass table I wanted, but a reasonable substitution.IMG_0277
  5. So the issue then becomes the hutch/buffet.  Do I have them refinish just the outside in the same honey oak, for $700 more, hang the hutch on the wall to give the effect of a built in? Although the hutch and buffet are 6′ long, so there will be a 1′ space on either side, or just bite the bullet and go with the built in, but have the table and chairs done.  I think that’s where I’m leaning, at the moment.

Anybody need a hutch and buffet?

UPDATE (Sunday):  I put the sofa, hutch and buffet on the “free” portion of Craigslist.  A guy from Lodi emailed me within 5 minutes of the posting and is driving up here (should be here any minute) to take all three pieces.  Sarah and her friend Heather are  with me, so we have numbers.  That was easy, and the hutch is back in.

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One Response to The more things change, the more they stay the same

  1. Emily StClaire says:

    Don’t you love Craigslist? If you don’t mind my asking, how much did you sell them for? I donated my almost exact set to a drug rehab house. My table would swat 12, 48×48 with three 18 in leaves. I had 8 chairs that looked just like yours only with arms. I don’t know why my husband at the time wanted all armchairs. Woodstock by chance?

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