Park Approval, and then some

So, I’m running around like a mad woman, trying to get dumpsters ordered, cable/garbage/pg&e accounts closed next week, find moving boxes, as I have to leave my current location by 12/5 … thanks to a landlord who says one day “I’ll be glad to work with you, don’t worry”, to “I’ve rented the place and you have to be out by 12/5” when I get a call from the Sterling home site planner, saying that he’s at the site (nobody told me, or I would have been there), and that they’ve sited the house, there’s just a small problem … the utility pedestal needs to be moved.

Yes, the same pedestal that I was told, by park personnel, really didn’t have to be moved, and every time I suggested I was basically told not to worry, we’d make it work without moving it.  PLUS, they’re telling me it’s going to cost $4,000.00 to move it.

So, up I go to the site, steaming.  I kept talking to myself; trying keep my blood pressure down, tamp down the temper, but it’s just the constant stream of mis- and conflicting information from the park that is making me angry.

Get to the site, and the house is all staked out, pretty much as the original drawing from the park manager had it, but the kicker is the utility pedestal (gas, electric, water & sewer);  state law requires that it be between 1-4′ from the dwelling.  As it now is placed, it’s 6′ away.  So, it just needs to be moved 2-3′.  I get the name of the electrician the park uses, he goes out there today…and, park management didn’t realize he only does the electrical, not gas, sewer and water as well.  So, as of this point, I don’t know what the cost is going to be to move the damn thing 2′.

However, on the bright side, the park approved the plan, and they have to pick up the cost of putting in the drive way.  So, the site prep will take place within the next 2-3 weeks, at the same time (keeping fingers crossed) that the factory is building the house.

Everybody in any mobile home park anywhere, has a storage unit.  The most popular manufacturer is Tuff Sheds.  I looked at a couple at the local Home Depot, and while they’re very nice (some have windows, window boxes and workbenches), they’re kinda pricey.  And as long as I can fit one into the end of my driveway/covered car port, it is not considered part of the total square footage of the dwelling.  I’m looking at an 8×10, (the maximum the park will allow is 120′ or 10 x 12 … way too big for me) which will more than adequate.  I really like the workbench idea (gardening, fiber dying, wool prep).  Apparently, one of the home installers that works for Sterling, also builds these on the side, and in the winter, when it’s raining, work is slow.  The guys were telling me that you can get something as nice as the Tuff Shed for about half the price from this guy, and he’ll use the same paint and siding as the home.  Work bench/storage area looks pretty nifty, huh?

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