Factory Approved Floor Plan

Just got this in today, and heard that factory will definitely have this built before their holiday shut down.  According to builder, they are expecting park approval on Monday.  So, things are moving forward.

This is it!

Now, to some of the details.


Sherwin-Williams has this great little program called Color Visualizer on their website that allows you to either use some of their stock photos, or upload a photo of your own, then you mask the areas you don’t want paint, and add paint colors to see what you’d like.  It’s really fun to play with, and beats going down to the store and playing with little itty bitty paint chips.

Here is my poor attempt to show the exterior colors for the house; I chose a muted sage green for the main color and a  off white for the trim and shutters.  For the time being the front door will be white, and I’ll decide later on what I want to paint it.  (pay no attention to the chimney, I won’t have one, and the siding will be panels, not wood).

The windows won’t have the panes on them, but the trapezoid windows on top will look like that.

Front doorI agonized over this; did I want a plain door?  French doors?  window? Nothing?  In the end, I opted for this style.  There will only be one thin side window.  I don’t have an exact picture of the same glass insert, but you get the idea.

Future Front Porch

Not sure I can get this right away, I think I need to move in first, and figure out where I am financially.  I hope this won’t be too expensive, and that the park will approve it.  But I do want some outdoor living space, and this will be at the street side of the house.    Something similar to this, simple, serviceable and livable.


That’s it for today.  Exterior and front.  I’ll deal with the back, storage shed and carport later.

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2 Responses to Factory Approved Floor Plan

  1. Linda says:

    Judy, I think your new home will be gorgeous! So happy that things are moving forward.

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