The beginning of the end

It’s done.  Down payment made.  Spent four hours in Manteca Sunday going over all the details.  Given the size restrictions imposed on me by the park, it’s not exactly what I wanted, in that it’s smaller, but in the long run, it will be fine.  This is the rough floor plan.

The process, from here on out is as follows:

  1. Final changes and order go to factory Monday.  With luck final drawings and approval by home building will be done by Wednesday.
  2. At the same time as the above is happening, builder working with park for their approval of build, as well as size and location of home.
  3. There are several points along the process where the aforementioned state inspector must approve things.  I’m guessing he’ll be as much of a jerk as he has been so far.  I’m staying away, and letting builder deal with it.
  4. While it takes the factory two weeks to build the home, in the factory,  there are other factors involved (how many homes ahead of me in line, final drawings …this is the first time this factory has made this design, as it is a Skyline design from mid-west) in getting home built.  The factory closes down from December 21 through January 2, and if I don’t get it built before 12/21, I’m toast.
  5. Even if it gets built prior to 12/21,  there is no way I will be in the house before the end of the year, and that makes me very homeless after 12/1.  Anybody know of any short-term house sitting gigs in Marin?
  6. Once the house is built, and all state inspections done, there comes the finishing; flooring, kitchens, awnings, carport, all the factory finishes.
  7. Then there’s my finishes.   The one thing I really want is hardwood floors, or a reasonable facsimile.  The cost to have it done by the factory is $5,200.   Lumber Liquidators, will do it for half that, I think.  It’s difficult trying to get a quote because I don’t have the exact floor measurements, and don’t know how many/how much of the finishing pieces I need.  I may look at other flooring, but, at the moment, that’s where I am.

So, those are the challenges that will be turning my hair grayer over the next two months.

So many choices!

The benefit having this process take so long, is that I’ve had plenty of time to make up my mind about the details, and ask questions.  Also, some of the things I thought would be good ideas were either not, or there were other solutions to the same problem.  So, for the next several posts, I’ll be going through those choices, room by room, mainly to keep my head straight on all the details.


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