I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.

I had a lovely/interesting week last week attending the annual Spin Off Magazine Autumn Retreat (SOAR).  This was the 30th annual retreat, and is a great place for us weirdo-handspinners to go and meet with like minded crazies folks who enjoy taking all kinds of fibers, plants, hairs, etc. and turning it into yarn that we can weave, knit and crochet with the end product.  Every third year it’s held on the west coast (mid west and east coast the other years).  This year it was at Granlibakken just outside of Tahoe City.   All the attendees had been watching the weather reports, as snow was predicted.  Holy moly!

I drove up to the lake Sunday, Oct 20, and the weather was fine. And then it started to snow Sunday night. They thought maybe we’d get a foot or so. When it stopped snowing on Wednesday, it was about 2.5 feet. Note to self: The Toyota Prius is not a real good car for driving in the snow, chains or no. It’s got the guts of a golf cart. And it spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in a snowbank, where it had come to rest Monday morning.  Windshield cracked, but did not break.  Other than that, no damage.

Back to reality ::sigh::

I received nothing from state or park regarding my request to have the sycamore and one of the Monterey Pines removed when I got home. Finally got something in today’s mail.

The state’s finding, per inspector Eugene Lichtenstein: “Upon inspection of the area where the trees are and the lot number … there currently is no home on that lot and there is no eminent (sic) threat or hazard. This then becomes a civil matter”.

So what they’re saying is that I have to wait, build my home, and then wait for the tree to fall down, and then sue the park. So much for being pro-active, and trying to keep stuff out of the courts.

There was one other item. On page one, where the inspector lists the “Inspection results or information”, he states the following” The complainants allegations are as follows: Two Monterrey Pines one in distress is believed by complainants arborist that they should be removed as it is thought that they could be a safety problem with the trees”.

He never read the arborists report, because she did NOT state that two Monterrey pines should be removed, she stated the one in distress, and the dying sycamore should be removed.

My tax dollars at work.

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