Deja vue, all over again

Apparently, when the folks at the park told me a 52′ long home would fit in my space, they really meant 44′ long.

Met Chris, the Skyline contractor at, the site Monday, with the outside park management, and … it was like I hadn’t been there with another contractor, last Wednesday.

I really was paying attention.  We measured it.

But now…I’ve got to start from scratch, again, with more, different and smaller floor plans.

Dave, at Sterling homes has been great.  He sent me about six more floor plans to review.  I’m probably just cranky, but none of them strike me.  It’s not that I want to live in a mansion … I just don’t want to feel like I’m living in a dressed up trailer.

Wednesday afternoon:  Just got off the phone with Dave, and he says there’s a model at their factory that might suit, and he understands that I’d probably want to see what a smaller unit looks like.

Also both he and Chris said that its fairly difficult to tell, with the current house on there and it would be best for them, to measure with out it on the site.

So…off to Woodland I go, and I gotta get rid of the old tin can.

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