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Plug and play home design

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The main reason that modular/manufactured housing is so affordable is that while you may believe there are lots and lots of different floor plan designs, they’re really the same pieces parts, arranged in many different configurations. What makes this … … Continue reading

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The business, and pleasures, of moving to Sonoma

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First to business …. Took the latest two floor plans up to the park today to see if they were acceptable.  Dick actually liked them both.  He’s concerned about the length, but again, we won’t know until the lot is … Continue reading

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Somebody moved my cheese

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I got the park’s plan for siting my home Monday morning, scanned it, sent it off to Sterling, and then stewed about it all day. This is how the park wants me to site my home, believing that is in … Continue reading

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Who left the cake out in the rain?

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Building a house is like baking a wedding cake.  In your minds eye, you have a picture of how you want that beautiful, special cake to look,  and how it is to be displayed.  Then the practical realities creep in; … Continue reading

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Third time might really be a charm ….

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Just got off the phone with David.  He’s really a good salesman.  When I shared the good news about the change in dimensions, he calmly said that we had looked at a floor plan in Manteca that was 24 x 52 and while … Continue reading

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Third time’s a charm?

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Traveled up toe Woodland on Wednesday to see the homes on the Skyline lot.  There were three and only one that was 44′ in length, 27′ wide.  I so wanted to like it, but I didn’t.   Here’s the floor … Continue reading

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Deja vue, all over again

Apparently, when the folks at the park told me a 52′ long home would fit in my space, they really meant 44′ long. Met Chris, the Skyline contractor at, the site Monday, with the outside park management, and … it … Continue reading

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